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Who Needs Elections?…says the GOP

Once again, this is a video and text. To watch the former, just click on the image below. And, once again, a warning. This is very political. If you are a Trump supporter, you'll want to skip it. If not...

So I’ve been following the curious world of the GOP of late. It seems, as well as I can understand what’s being reported, that the Republican Party has begun the process by which we will shed elections entirely. It seems, again, judging from what I see in the news, that the good folks of the RNC etc. are first, doing their best to restrict and suppress the actual process of voting as much as possible.

To watch, just click the image above.

Second, though, and even more diabolic, the Party seems to be setting up a system by which they will be able to avoid elections entirely. In the states they control, Republicans are passing laws by which they will be able to declare the election results tainted or fraudulent, and then impose their own carefully directed recounts. And, obviously, the man who set the precedent for that was Trump himself, who announced in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that he’d won the election and been cheated out of the White House.

But there’s worse to come. If the GOP succeeds in its goal to effectively rid itself of pesky things like elections, then they will own the White House forever. Given the nature of our bizarre Electoral College system, which under-represents highly-populated mostly Democratic areas, and over-represents thinly-populated and mostly Republican states, all the GOP has to do is gain control of a number of state legislatures, and declare enough votes invalid, to swing the presidency their way every time.

And, if that happens, then democracy in these United States is finished. You can’t have a game if the loser simply announces the score was illicit, arrests the umpire, and anoints himself the winner.

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—there’s the rub. The GOP needs to think seriously about what it is doing. For, you see, once a nation is undone, it cannot be re-done. Once democracy is finished, then you can’t be certain what or who will take its place.

In other words, the GOP could be in for a dreadful surprise. Having strangled democracy in the dark, the Republican Party may discover that someone else, even more deadly than itself, is waiting behind it…garrote at the ready, utterly merciless…

And terribly cruel.


Until next time…

Onward and upward.


Copyright©2021 Michael Jay Tucker



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