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I'm a writer, but I also do some things with audio, specifically the spoken word. I enjoy doing readings, voice overs, etc. I have also just done my first audio book.

Here, meanwhile, are some samples of my voice work. These are on my Soundcloud page.

Reading Time

Sonnet 29 -- Perhaps my favorite among Shakespeare's Sonnets. Always stirring.


Camus' Le Peste - I was thinking, today, about the anti-quarantine protestors and the others who have refused even the most minimal protections (of themselves and others) from Covid-19, and I was put in mind of this passage from Camus’ La Peste.


My take on Lord Byron's "She Walks In Beauty."


Something a little more sinister this time, Robert Browning’s “My Last Duchess.”

I’ve always found this a quite chilling poem. I think of it as the confession of a morbid narcissist who is fully capable of a quiet murder or two, even of his own family if they fail to meet his exacting standards. (Whether or not his “last duchess” may have slept with someone else doesn’t change that in the least.) The fact that he is an aristocrat, and thus beyond the law, is particularly frightening.

The image, btw, is the portrait of Maria de' Medici by Agnolo Bronzino (1503 – 1572).

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