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Hello, Everyone!

As you know, I’ve been doing Blog and Facebook postings about our travels, travails, and general adventures. And, some of you (no names, but you know who you are 😀) suggested that I gather these posts up and make them into books. you go! In this section of my webpage, I will offer book-length collections of my columns as PDF-books. (PDFs because they are easier for me to produce and because they are supported on pretty much every device on the planet.) The first one, “The Martha Chronicles,” is about Martha’s recovery from that awful fall she had back in 2022. It’s free and you can download it directly from this site.

The others are or will be on Gumroad.

A word about using Gumroad. If you want one of the books, just hit the “Gumroad” button at the end of the page. That will take you to the book’s Gumroad page. If you decide you’d like to buy it, hit the “I want this” button on the right hand side of the display. That will take you to check-out and you can download the PDF.

Anyway, thanks hugely in advance, and stay tuned. Lots more Chronicles to come.

Onward and upward!



The Martha Chronicles

On January 18, 2022, my wife Martha had a very serious fall. Indeed, for a brief, terrible moment…I feared we could lose her. Fortunately, while she suffered considerable pain, and spent three months dealing with mobility problems, she is now fine.

But, shortly after her injury, I began a series of social media posts about her recovery, so that her friends knew what was happening. These became surprisingly popular, I suppose because we found that even when times were awful, we could discover a joke, or a reason to smile.

So, at the suggestion of our friends, I’ve turned the postings into “The Martha Chronicles,” a PDF book about her recovery. Please feel free to download it. And, speaking of feeling free, it is, of course, free. (Though, if you want to buy me a cup of coffee afterwards, be my guest. But it is not, repeat not, required.)

Anyway, to get the book, just click on the “download” button below. It should then drop to your computer, and almost all systems, these days, have a PDF reader of some sort. But, if you have problems, let me know and I’ll see if I can help.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and please take care.


Stomping Ennui: From the Martha Plus Michael Chronicles

After Martha's recovery from her fall, we made up for lost time by traveling around Texas and beyond. I documented these trips on social media and yet another friend suggested turning them into PDF books as well. So, here's the first volume of my travelblog collection called "Stomping Ennui," part of the "Martha Plus Michael Chronicles." It covers our visits to Fort Worth, Taylor, Austin (complete with a cooking class and the LBJ library), and even some local jaunts here in Georgetown, from April to June 2022.

To get the book, simply click the "Gumroad" button below. Once you’re on the Gumroad page, hit "I want this" on the right hand side of the page and proceed to Checkout for the PDF download. Thank you in advance, and stay tuned for more Chronicles to come.

Durham Bound

Well, folks, here’s Durham Bound, book two of the Martha Plus Michael Chronicles! (A.k.a., The Tales Of Our Dedicated Efforts To Stomp Out Ennui Wherever It Rears Its Ugly Head!). This time, we’re off to Durham, NC, in 2022. We were there to visit our friend Vincent, but in the process we got to explore a happening town with a fascinating history.​


So, have a look! And get ready for wild adventures involving everything from the Civil War to modern art to cutting edge ice cream to terrific music to a house that’s also one huge mosaic! 

Seeking Saint Anthony


Hello, Everyone,

Here’s the next volu
me of the Martha Plus Michael Chronicles, Seeking Saint Anthony. In it we travel to one of our favorite cities in Texas, San Antonio. We’ll have lots of adventures, including Riverwalk Rambles, an arty Armadillo, the world’s worst Reuben, a folk concert with the amplifiers from hell, and, finally a very big Pearl, indeed. Oh, and there’s also a sad, sweet memory of her Dad for Martha.

So give it a look!




Hey, Everyone! So here’s the next installment of the Martha Plus Michael Chronicles. This time, we’re going to the little town of Salado, which is a cool arts and vacation community just north of our home in Georgetown, Texas. We’ll have a chance to shop, dine, and, most of all, explore the wonders of Mr. Fletcher’s magical book and antique shop. Oh, and there’s also an awesome (if not entirely enlightened) joke about why we’ll never run out of Episcopalians.

So have a look!




Shirley’s Last Gift

In 2022, a good friend of ours, Shirley Puariea, passed on. We made a last minute trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to be at her service.

In the process, though, we had a wonderful time.

We came to think of this strange, rushed journey, as Shirley’s last gift to us.

And we were grateful.

This book is the story of that trip.





Once Again...
             Sweet New England


Welcome to the next installment of the Martha Plus Michael Chronicles, where we do our best to stomp out ennui where-ever it rears its ugly little head.


This time, we’re off to New England, our former home, and Martha’s birthplace. In the process, we’ll explore Amherst, Boston, Providence, Revere, and more...and we’ll encounter pioneering industrialists, revolutionary Bostonians, nineteenth century amusement parks, and, somehow, birds with teeth and claws.

It’s quite a ride, so fasten those seat belts and let’s head out.


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