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My Books & Such

Below, you will find some of my books. (You can see them all at my Amazon Author’s Page, which is here:

With one exception, these are all on Amazon, by the way. One of these days, when I’m feeling ambitious, and I’ve got more time, I will figure out how to sell them directly from the site. But, that’s for the future.

In the meanwhile, here you go...


Padre is a memoir that spins off the death of my father, and also that of my mother, who pre-deceased him by about a year. While their deaths were sad, their lives were remarkable. They were both fabulous, and very much exemplars of The Greatest Generation.


But, also, this book is about me, or rather about people of my age, who now confront the passing of their parents and other older relations. It is about, alas, our own education, as we make the transition to a new role. We are now responsible. We are now the mommies and daddies, and the grandparents. And that is a fundamental rite of passage which is not always comfortable, but which cannot be escaped.Lastly, though, this book is about death—not, though, in a tragic sense. Rather, it is about the art of dying, the business of dying well…And how, sometimes, it is a gift…given, in this case, by my father to me.


I am, I trust, appropriately grateful.

On Amazon, here:


This short book contains three of my essays, all dating from early 2020 and late 2019. In them, I look at such subjects as whether it would be better to have state armies rather than gun owners, what the effect of Artificial Intelligence and wealthy sex offenders will be, and whether the loss of writers and artists will lead to social dementia. So tune in for this wild trio of odd reflections on the world.

On Amazon, here:

cover copy.jpg was one of the many wonderful small online publications that sprang up in 2016 to oppose the bad effects of the Trump administration. It has run countless articles, essays, poems, memes, cartoons, and even videos reflecting a mildly (but not radically) left of center position, and offering a reasoned critique of what the American political system has become in this unfortunate age.


I was pleased and honored to be one of the volunteer editors and writers on, and I did several pieces for the periodical. I am now collecting those for publication here. This current volume will include my contributions for the year 2017.


There is, of course, more to come. My thanks to all the individuals who helped make the wonderful place it was.

On Amazon, here:


Want a free book? Check out With Luther, Tourists, and God in Santa Fe It's partly a travel log and partly a meditation on people who actually make a difference in life.

Oh, and it is lavishly illustrated by yours truly.

It’s on Gumroad as a PDF about 52 pages long.

How to download: when you get to Gumroad, look at the image of the book and the text below it. Scroll down until you see the words “Name A Fair Price.” In the blank space below that, type “0” — that is, a zero, because the book is free. Then click on the button below that which is marked “I want this!” After that, you should be given the option of either downloading the book and reading it at your leisure, or reading it on the Gumroad site. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!

Available on Gumroad, here:

Xcargo 94.png

Way, way, waaaay the deep dark past...there were "ezines," personal publications emailed to their readers. And, alas, I had one. It was called explosive-cargo (Xcargo). It was meant to be funny and was rather popular for a time. I had 1000 subscribers before all was done and said.

And, at the request of former subscribers, I am gathering up the individual columns and publishing them as stand alone books.

Here are some of the best of the first of the ezine. To my surprise, some of them have stood up rather well. Even after all this time, a fewe of them are still funny, and others address issues that are still vexing us today.

So have a glance at these. They include the first appearance of BERNIE, the maddening sentient software as well as the premier issue of "Depth Charges (the lowest form of explosive-cargo).”


Available on Amazon, here:

And, yes, there are several other Xcargo books on Amazon.


A collection of various stories and poems. Here's what it says on Amazon:

"Many years ago, a particularly pompous ass of a professor told Michael Jay Tucker that he needed to "focus." It is a very good thing for those of us who are his readers that Tucker elected to ignore the tenured twit. Simply put, Tucker has been all over the literary map and shows no signs of slowing down now.


"And in this collection we have Tucker at his eclectic best—short stories, flash fictions, prose poems and verse poems succeed each other with a bewildering and wonderful variety. Here we have something like purest domestic comedy ("The Unicorn, The Mime, The Man Of Middle Age"). There we have a story that begins as a simple tale of an unpleasant encounter in a charity shop… that somehow morphs into a meditation on the dangers of political discourse in an irrational age ("When She Is An Old Woman"). And, then, just a little further on, we have a complicated tale in which characters step from their pages to address the reader, and discuss the nature of artistic creation..."

Available on Amazon here:

My first foray into writing for the academy...

Here's how the publisher described it, "In Jazz Age America and Europe few stars burned brighter than Seward Collins, who seemingly had it all – money, breeding, good looks, and literary talent. His friends included Fitzgerald, Dreiser, Mencken, and Hemingway, while among his lovers was Dorothy Parker. Yet, in the 1930s, this glittering creature would announce that he was a «Fascist». This book, useful for any study of the American Jazz Age or world Fascism, explores Collins’ curious story, and asks if there might be a Fascist tradition in America, as much a part of the nation as Flag Day and apple pie."

Available on Amazon here:

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