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Some time ago I got interested in doing short videos, mostly (albeit not always) using limited-motion animation and/or slide show animation. To my genuine amazement, I’ve actually started winning some laurels in film- and new media festivals. (Whoa!)

Anyway, here are some examples of my work. I also have a Vimeo page and a Youtube page as well. Please check them out when you get a chance.


Chatbots is one of my 2023 efforts. It is a video mediation on the dangers of Artificial Intelligence, and on the maybe equal danger represented by the Great and the Good who are trying to shut it down.

It is also interesting in that I used AI to produce much of it. I wrote the script and read it, but used AI to produce the images and animate them.

Video Pix.png

She Who Flew is probably my most successful video in terms of awards. It is a rather sad story, I'm afraid. It is also quite true, and is the tale of a talented woman I knew in school, who, alas, was betrayed by her own biochemistry.

This can be seen on Vimeo.

She Who Saw - This video is a sort of meditation on the nature of  religious experience—something I’ve never had, personally, and suspect I never will.  But an acquaintance of mine, who suffers (if suffer is the right word)  from temporal lobe epilepsy, believes she has. When she has a seizure, she feels she is genuinely in the presence of the divine.

This, too, has been surprisingly successful on the film fest circuit.

You can see it on Vimeo.

She Who Saw.png
The Humanist.png

Oreo - A tribute to a Shih Tzu of extremely strong opinions.

On Vimeo

The Humanist - This is based on the life of my late father, who someone managed to be a complete secularist, and yet also strangely and genuinely saintly.

On Vimeo.


Sublime - A brief and somewhat experimental video in which I try to explore the concept of the sublime. Plus, maybe, as an aside, a little Nietzsche with a sprinkling of transhumanism.

On Vimeo

With Luther, Tourists, And God in Santa Fe - Remember that free book I mentioned? Well, here it is again, but this time as a video. It includes me doing a bit of audio book reading, and also a lot of my art work.

It is on Vimeo.

Artist And Other.png

Artist And Other - This is a tale of art, of beauty, of truth, of some real heroism…and of a two bit scam. For which I nearly fell.

It is quite amusing in its way. And, perhaps, instructive.

On Vimeo.


This is a promotional video I did for my friend Judith Estrada Garcia, an artist and gallery-owner in Central Texas. This is the sort of thing I would like to do for more clients.

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