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Taking a Break From New England For Some Videos

Hey, Everyone,

So I’m taking a brief break from the New England story to do something a little different today. I thought I might share with y’all some of my current little efforts with AI video.

What’s that? you say? So glad you asked, I reply. There are now several companies which offer products that let you take a still photo or image and then have it magically turn into a limited-motion animation. In a word, whoa.

In this particular post, I’m going to show some animations I did with Runway’s Gen-1 and Gen-2 products. They’re just short clips, but I thought they turned out okay. See what you think.

There are four: an older couple walking in the snow, a cowboy, a cowgirl, and a colorful bird.

I’ll post some works done with other products in the near future.



@runwayml @runwaymlstudios

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