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QAnon, MAGA, and (effeminate) Men

What The Q-cultists think about liberal men. Source is below.

One of the Reddit groups I follow is Qult Headquarters. This is a sub-reddit for people who are trying to make sense of the QAnon movement, which seems to have begun as something of a joke, then morphed into a complex conspiracy theory, then turned into a cult, and is now well on its way to being some kind of religion.

Recently, one of the members posted the screenshot above, which had been taken from a the QAnon-supporting site. The screenshot interested me because it said a lot about how a certain class of Right-wing activists see their analogs on the Left—i.e., un-men, not masculine, probably homosexual, and certainly effeminate.

On some level, that’s not surprising. Men of all sorts frequently resort to the same (admittedly sexist) vocabulary when they attempt to picture their rivals in an opposing camp. The other side is composed of “wimps” and “weaklings,” whereas they are themselves strong and manly.

That said, there is something uniquely intense about the way the Qultists play the game. They seem to spend an awful lot of time thinking about effeminate men, and picturing them rather compulsively. Glance at any of the QAnon or Conspiracy Theorist sites and you’ll see posting after posting on the topic. There is something almost, well, salivating about it.

Mind you, this pairs with a remarkable fascination with transgender issues. Think about all the seemingly primal terror that some conspiracy cultists seem to have of transwomen who might use girl’s bathrooms. Or recall the truly bizarre claims that some on fringe right made that certain elite women were actually men in disguise — for example, the claims that Michelle Obama was actually a boy in drag.

And, then, too, recall that among the ideas that have had currency in the Q-community is “Elite Gender Inversion,” which is the belief that the elites are busily smashing gender norms so that everyone will be more easily controlled. Personally, I don’t see the connection between gender and control, but be that as it may…the idea is taken quite seriously in some circles. In fact, there seems to be a thriving cottage industry of theorists “discovering” that this fashion model or that movie star is really a man. Or the reverse.

All of this…the seeming obsession with sex, gender, and emasculation… makes me wonder if there isn’t a bit of projection going on here. I wonder if, deep down, the passive feminine male is what these individuals secretly desire…or desire to be.

But, of course, to admit that…even to themselves…would be devastating. So they don’t. They repress, and repress, and project their secret terror on others…

And thus they are safe from having to confess…

Who they are, and what they are…

…and why.


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