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Putin, Ukraine, Silence…

You may have noticed something odd. To wit, that the Russian attack on Ukraine is now many days old. Everyone knows my opinions on Putin, which are not flattering. You would think, therefore, that I would have posted something about the war, and about Putin…who remains, in my humble opinion, a bastard of the first water.

Yet…I have said nothing.

Why? Well, first, because the story is moving too fast for me to be able to respond to it intelligently. I write this on Sunday, Feb 27, 2022, for possible posting on Monday, Feb 28. Yet, by the time morning comes, the situation may have changed completely. Kiev/Kyiv may have fallen (let’s pray that it hasn’t) or peace talks may have begun…or Putin may have rattled his nuclear sabers even more loudly.

Second, I am not writing about it I because don’t know enough about what’s happening.

Yes, mere ignorance has never stopped me before. And, yes, too, I really do know a little bit about the area and its history. I’ve studied Ukraine and Russia, and their shared…usually awful…history. And both nations were heirs to my beloved Byzantium.

But let’s face it. I’m no expert. I’ve never lived in either country. I do not speak the languages. I have no degrees in the study of their political systems. I am not a military man, and so have no experience with or knowledge of what is happening on the ground.

And, frankly…frankly…I do not want to spread misinformation, or unfounded speculation. I do not wish to contribute to actions based on ignorance. That is my fear.

You see…

One thing that I have learned from the last three years…one thing which has been proved beyond the shadow of a doubt…is that misinformation, disinformation, rumor, falsehood, and lies can be truly deadly.

As evidenced by over a million American deaths…

Many of which would not have happened if it hadn’t been for fools, Faux News, fake news, and falsehoods on Facebook.


Until next time,

Onward and upward.


Copyright©2022 Michael Jay Tucker

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