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Putin At That Loooong Table

For Casual Or Formal Moscow

Hey, all!

So this is a note to anybody in the Russian government. The other day I saw the famous picture of Putin sitting at one end of a really, Really, REALLY long table while members of his cabinet and other advisors were way, Way, WAY removed from him, and clustered at the other end of the table in a little mob.

I suppose the idea was social distancing, but…

Here’s the thing. You know, I know, everybody knows that Putin is ruining your country. He’s united the world against you. He’s managed to crater your economy. He’s getting lots of people killed. And if you want to have anything like a happy, quiet life in future…you’re going to have to get rid of him. Like…NOW.

So, here’s the thing. It struck me, as I looked at that picture, that the distance between you and him is so great …well, at your next cabinet meeting… if you were to take a teeny-tiny little hand grenade…say, an RGN (Ruchnaya Granata Nastupatel'naya, "Hand Grenade Offensive”)…out of a purse or a pocket and were to toss it down the table…

Well, heck, you’d barely even notice the bang.

He would, though.


P.S. — My friends who actually know about such things suggest that the RGN grenade would be a good choice, but an even better one would be the Swiss RUAG OHG 92. It has several unique safety features and doesn’t produce metal fragments. Great for indoor use, and with a little imagination, some glitter, and a glue gun, it could be nicely accessorized.

Could go with causal or formal wear while you’re saving your country, and the world.


Until next time…

Onward and upward.



Copyright©2022 Michael Jay Tucker

Примечание для мужчин и женщин в правительстве России: ради Бога, свергните Путина сейчас, пока он не убил вас всех.

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