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On The Square

So last time I had us walking around Wimberley and thinking deep thoughts about the future of cities. That’s because you and me are a couple of real intellectuals with noggins just stuffed to the earlobes with gray cells and profundity. The Perspicuity Twins, they call us. You betcha.

Okay, maybe not.

About The Photos: First, a shot of the Square Inn’s sign out front. Looks very impressive, I think.

Anyway, Martha and I were walking around. We hit a few more shops then found ourselves on Oak Drive, which was, actually, the location of our hotel, the Square Inn (more about which later). Right across the street, meanwhile, was another shop, Cypress Creek Lavender ( Martha thought it might be interesting, so we drifted over to it.

It was a yet another arts and gifts shop. I don’t suppose the anyone would be offended if I said it was geared toward women. Most gift shops in tourist towns are, after all. But it was a pleasant place, full of scents and sages and other such treasures. As the name would suggest, they specialize in lavender, which the owners in fact grow on their homestead and farm. Martha ended up buying a book and we also got some honey.

We had a nice chat with the lady who was running the register, mostly about local music events (of which there are a lot, given the nature of the population), and then we asked ourselves what we wanted to do next. Finally, we realized we were tired, and it was getting late in the day, so we decided to get the car, drive back, and check in at the hotel.

Martha usually makes the arrangements for our stays, and she is usually good at it, indeed. Way better than me, anyway. (There was the time that I thought it would be cool to stay in an AirB&B that was in a converted shipping container that was in the backyard of a particular landlord. I mean, whoa. A shipping container! How cool is that? Except, of course, the landlord didn’t mention that there was water in the crate. Nor was there a bathroom. So, if you needed to the toilet in the middle of the you frequently go if you’re past the age of 60....well, you had to find your way into the main house. In the dark. Using your cellphone as a flashlight. And open the door using the guest passcode on the electronic lock. Which didn’t work most of the time. In the dark. I won’t tell you how I dealt with the problem. However, let’s just say that the landlord’s bushes were never quite the same again.)

This time, Martha’s instincts were decidedly on the money. She picked “The Square Inn,” which is (obviously) just off Wimberley Square. We’d actually seen it from the street a couple of times on previous visits, but it had looked dark and dreary to us. We hadn’t seen any windows and we thought maybe it was one of those inns where everything is enclosed.

Second, a shot of Martha having a glass of wine in our backyard back in 2020. Doesn’t have a thing to do with the story, but I like it.

Fortunately, Martha had found out that this was not the case. What we’d thought was windowless walls was just some fences put up to provide a bit of privacy. Once you’re inside, you found out that there’s quite a bit of light and many windows.

So, we picked up the car and drove back to Oak Drive. We parked in the lot out front and headed for the door. There then followed one of those terribly amusing adventures with electronic locks (shades of the shipping crate) which I just can’t get to work, no matter what. I’m sure it was amusing. Just hysterical. Knee slapper. Or slapping something, anyway.

But, finally, after much jiggling and figgling, the door opened. And there...and there...

Was one of the sweetest scenes we’d seen in days.

More to come.

And, finally, this little video I generated with Runway ML to go along with the tale. It was supposed to look like a small town in Central Texas in the style of Van Gogh. It doesn’t look much like Wimberley, but you gotta confess, it is kinda cool.

Copyright©2023 Michael Jay Tucker


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