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Off To The Barbecue

So last time, I was talking about our trip to Taylor, Texas. And we had just been shown the door by the twenty-something at the sandwich shop who thought we were too bourgeois for freakin’ words.

Well, maybe we weren’t shown the door, exactly. But it was definitely described in words and gestures. Couldn’t miss it. Don’t let it catch you on the way out.

We went outside and considered our options. We had originally planned on eating something light. That was why we were at the sandwich shop, which used to be so much fun...and wasn’t any more.

But after our experience there, we figured the time had come to embrace our inner gourmet. We would, as Martha suggested, go instead to the barbecue place down the street--specifically, Louie Mueller Barbecue on Second Street. We had actually been into it a couple of times, but we’d never eaten there.

The reason? It is incredibly popular...with good cause, the food is outstanding. But the two times we came before, we found a line that stretched out the door and into the hot sun. Both times, we had finally wilted and headed to the sandwich shop (now, alas, no longer an option).

About the Photo: Yes. That’s me. I’m actually running a picture of myself this time. Sad, I know, but sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Martha took the shot and we were in the BBQ place at the time.

This time, though, we were lucky. It was a weekday, we were there a bit early, and the normal lunch crowd hadn’t yet arrived. So, we slipped into line, and a short while later had two huge sliced brisket sandwiches.

We didn’t eat in the main room because it was hot there, but there was air conditioning in a second room off to one side. (Oh, and by the way, you can see the restaurant at its website here: Also, do a search for “Louie Mueller Barbecue” and you’ll find lots of photos of the restaurant. It is a popular place for folks with cameras.)

Anyway, we ate...and it was pure carnivorous heaven. I’m sorry that I am not now and never will be a Vegan. I know that I’m morally inferior and I’ll be really freaked out when I get to heaven and find out St. Peter is actually a hoofed quadrupedal ruminant. But, well, there you have it. A meat-eater I was born and a meat-eater I’m a gonna die.

I would have liked that sandwich to have gone on for a month or two. But, alas, eventually, it came to an end. Honestly, in retrospect, that lunch was the highpoint of our visit.

Oh, something else amusing. That day, I was wearing a t-shirt that I got long ago and far away when I was still in the computer trade press and was, therefore, an honorary computer nerd. It is blue and has on the back the following message, “What’s wrong with this t-shirt?” You have no idea how to answer that question until you see the front of the shirt and discover that on the right pocket side there is no pocket...but there is a picture of a pocket containing a plastic pocket-protector, pencils, and, yes, a slide rule. In other words, the uniform of a great-grandfather nerd, circa 1968, give or take.

I had three different people ask me about that shirt, including one in the restaurant. And of those, two actually knew what a slide rule was.

Amazing. Us fossils are everywhere.

Anyway, then we went off to tour a little more of the town. And, oh, yes, we did pass the sandwich shop from which we had been, shall we say? invited out. But, I did not stick my head in the door, make a rude gesture, and say loudly, “We had a much nicer meal elsewhere! So there, too. Nyah nyah nyah nyah.”

I didn’t do that because I’m much too sophisticated and cultured. You betcha.

I’ll just do it here on social media instead.

It’s the kind of guy I am.

More to come.


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