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My latest video, "desiderium"

So just thought I’d share my newest video.

The title is “desiderium,” and it is a meditation on, well, the positive aspects of remembering your loved ones, even when they are no longer among us. It deals particularly with my late mom and dad.

The other interesting thing about it is that I used a lot of AI technology in the piece. For instance, you’ll see that in a couple of places my parents seem to move. That’s all AI.

What was most difficult for me, oddly, was actually the credits at the very end. I used an old picture of my mother as a very young person (this would have been late 1940s, maybe), colorized and cleaned it up with Photoshop (not easy), and then animated it with AI.

Anyway, give it a glance if you’ve got a moment.

Oh, and btw, somehow along the way I also got the late great Cape Verdean singer Cesária Évora in for a cameo.



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