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Meeting The Square Inn

So last time I’d just gotten us through the door (sheesh!) of the Square Inn. I also said that we found ourselves in an incredibly sweet scene.

And so we did. The door opened up on a very short entryway that lead to the desk. Then, to the right of the desk was the lobby, which was, indeed, technically a “lobby,” but it was set up like a living room with sofas and comfortable chairs. And, gathered in those chairs, was a family...

These were, first, a couple about our own age. We learned later that their names were Marcilia and Lloyd. On the sofa in front of them were two women--who were, we also learned, their daughter and granddaughter respectively.

But the star of the show was in Lloyd’s arms. He was a baby, just a week old, and he was the son of the granddaughter. In other words, he was Marcilia and Lloyd’s great-grandchild.


About the photos:Several today. First, a shot of the interior courtyard at the Square Inn. Then, second, a the bird...And finally, and (as per norm) nothing to do with the story, I just like it, a photo of Martha in yet another small Texas, Tayor. We were there yesterday (December 9, 2023) and had lunch at The Plowman’s Kitchen, which has excellent food and rather good pies. Go here:

The baby looked up at us as we came in. His expression could be best described as “Oh, really? More adults. I wonder if I’m related to them, too. Or maybe they’re just passing through. I hope the latter. The woman’s okay, but the guy’s a little sketchy. Ah, well. I’ll figure it all out later.”

We coo’ed the way you do in the presence of the very young and drew close--not too close! Don’t want to spook him. And besides, Covid was mostly over, but only mostly. And you don’t want to pass along anything infectious.

In hushed voice we introduced ourselves. They, they introduced themselves. Marcilia and Lloyd and explained that they ran the place. And yes, they were expecting us. Lloyd passed the baby back to his mother and Marcilia rose (reluctantly, of course) to deal with us.

She led us back into the hotel. It was then that we discovered that the place was very different than we thought. There was a hallway that ran front the lobby, past a number of rooms and a library (!), and then through a door and into a kind of courtyard. It was roofed, so you were protected from the fierce sun of Texas, but the roof opened around the edges so you could get the breeze from outside, should there be any.

Inside the courtyard were tables and chairs, which would we would use later. Around two corners of the court yard, meanwhile, were doors into the rooms, one of which was ours to use for the time being. Then, along one of the other sides of the courtyard were hanging decorative lanterns and great sheets of white fabric which billowed with the wind. It’s hard to describe it all, so I’ll try to remember to post photos. Picture worth a thousand words and all that.

At the far end of the court, there was one further surprise. In an enormous white cage was an enormous white bird. I wasn’t quite sure what it was. A rock dove, perhaps? Whatever. I’ll post a picture of him, too, and maybe someone out there can help with identification. Anyway, it seemed he was the mascot of the place, and he regarded us with a certain proprietary interest.

Marcilia (“Marci”) led us to one of the doors along the wall and showed us how to open it. (Another damn electronic lock!) Then she politely withdrew and left us to our business. We looked around. It was a charming little room--large bed, pleasant furniture, a comfortable bathroom.

We looked at each other. What next? We considered for a moment. We had driven almost all day. Then we’d walked a considerable distance. And we’d done it all in the heat. The answer was obvious.

A nap.

And so, pleased with the speed and precision of our executive decision, we headed off to bed.

More to come.


Copyright©2023 Michael Jay Tucker


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