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Just a quick aside...

Hi, Everyone,

Well, as you may know, I just finished up a mammoth series on our visit to New England. (I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. 😁)

Seriously, I’m taking time this week to collect up all the posts, turn them into one document, and convert them to a PDF file. Then, I’ll post the whole as a book entitled “Once Again...Sweet New England” onto my Gumroad page--which, btw, is here, if you’re interested:

Also btw, I’m using PDFs because, supposedly, you can embed videos in them and you know I’ve been experimenting with very short vids as illustrations. Well, I hope it works. We’ll see.

And speaking of videos, since I’m not doing a travel blog entry today, I thought I’d share some of my more recent (very short) videos. All are animated with AI. See what you think.

I should be back on Sunday. Until then, have a great one!



About the videos: There are four today. The first is a crowd on a rainy day. I am currently working on animating watercolors and watercolor-like images.

The second is from a piece I was trying to do for a contest put on by D-ID. You were supposed to do a piece on a theme of Halloween. Unfortunately, I forgot the time difference between here and Tel Aviv, and I found out I’d missed the deadline by an hour. (Argh). Anyway, enjoy the scary clown.

Third, a clip I used in a longer, science fiction video. It shows a robot becoming a living woman.

Four, and last, another video-watercolor, this one of an older man contemplating the universe.

And that’s it! Take care!

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