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It's Show Time!

Well, folks, I’m not going to write much this time. That’s because tomorrow is the Big Day. One way or another, it will be settled.

We might not know who “won” by evening…or, even after several days. As I said last time, it could be that the counting will go on and on. It is almost certain that this will be among the most contested elections in American history. It could be that we will see the election go to the Supreme Court (God help us) or the House of Representatives. A thousand other things could happen…including a coup attempt by the criminal currently in the White House.

But…the election will be over.

There will be a curious advantage to that. If we win, then, thank God. If we do not, then we will know more about the nation and the way the system works…or doesn’t work…and rewards the minority regardless of the popular will.

But either way…win or lose…

Our battle is just beginning. Because the forces, and the people, who put Trump into office are still there. Fox News is still on the air. The Billionaires who supported Trump with vast sums are still there, and are still devoted to the preservation and extension of their own obscene wealth and power. The Koch Brothers are down a brother, but their Foundation and “Libertarian” mind-set (liberty for themselves, slavery for the rest of us) remain powerful. Racism, fear, greed, hatred, and flag-waving, flat-out Fascism still motivates far too many Americans.

And so, even if Biden-Harris are in office, we will have to labor still.

We will have to address the monsters and men who have created our current disaster. And make certain they are promptly and effectively defanged.

Or we will face this all again, and far too soon.

But…but!…together, we can do it! We can win, in both the short run and the long.

So, let’s stand together, and make the victory ours.

Onward and upward.


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