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Inauguration 2021

Well, folks, we made it. Somehow we got Biden into the White House and we didn’t have serious violence in the process. The militias and Deplorables and gun-loving nut cakes stayed home.


And now we have America under adult supervision. We have people in Washington who are experienced and principled and who won’t get us into World War III just because they’ve had a bad night tweeting and/or some journalist was mean to ‘em.

Double Whew.

A little video...

I hope everyone celebrated a little bit yesterday. I certainly did. And let’s all take a few more days to just sort of relax. It’s been a long, painful four years.

That said…let’s also keep in mind that the job’s not over yet. Millions and millions of Americans voted for Trump. The circumstances and people who put him into office are still in place. Fox News and other ultra-right media outlets continue to blither out lies and disinformation. Evil men and women, some of them billionaires, continue to stoke the fires of hate and extremism.

Which means…

If we don’t want to go through all this again in just four years…or even just two years…then we have to keep at it.

So, yes, let’s get a bit of rest. Let’s recover. But then…then…we need to be ready to fight again.

Even harder this time.

So that we will never again have a vile and vulgar monster in the White House…or a mob of them in the Capitol.


Until next time…

Onward and Upward.


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