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Happy Easter

Hey, everyone,

So we just got back from our most recent little adventure. This time it was a short trip to San Antonio, where, among several other things, we saw a live performance of one of our favorite comedians, Ismo. He’s a Finn who, while fluent in English, has great fun pointing out the absurdities of our complicated language.

As you would expect, a retired English teacher and a former journalist( and still writer) find his material hysterical.

Anyway, I’ll be writing about this trip in the future...after I get through New Mexico...and San Marcos...and Mermaids...and a time-share scam...and, well, stuff.

I’ll be back with more New Mexico this week. But, in the meanwhile, I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates the holiday, a Happy Easter. And if you don’t celebrate, well, have a great weekend anyway.

Oh, and here’s a Bunny for y'all.

Talk to you soon.



About the video: I used Stable Diffusion to produce an art deco Easter Bunny and then tried to animate it with Runway ML. Not perfect. I don't like what the hands are doing. But, still, not too awful.

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