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Election Day

Hi, Everyone,

Well, I’m taking a break from my Salado story because, as you know, tomorrow is Election Day here in the U.S.A. Most of you have probably already voted, and I thank you for doing so.

But, some folks may have had to wait to vote until tomorrow. I just want to take a moment to urge you to be sure to get to your polling place and cast your vote.

Please vote!

As a life-long Democrat, I’d prefer (obviously) that you vote blue. But, the real issue is voting itself. I truly believe it is one of our most important civic duties. After all, the system relies on us. Without our participation, these United States will cease to exist as we know them.

So, please, everyone, vote. And if you need information on how and where, I suggest trying the polling place locator, which you can find here:

Oh, and by the way, is a great and nonpartisan organization. Give it a glance here:

Anyway, take care, and stay tuned. The Salado story will resume very soon.



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