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Bernie’s Gone, And He Ain’t A’coming Back

So a friend of mine just alerted me to the fact that Bernard “Bernie” Madoff, he of the mighty Ponzi scheme, has died in prison. As yet, the authorities are not saying what he died of. Natural causes are, at the moment, as good a guess as any. He was, after all, 82.

But whatever the cause, it is hard to feel too much grief for him. He did a lot damage when all was done and said. He hurt many, many people, and drove even his own son to suicide.

I guess, though, what surprises me most is that he lasted as long as he did in prison. I would have thought that one of his victims might have found a way to get to him, or one of his collaborators might have decided that there was just too much risk of association. And either way…


Shall we invent a new verb? To be Jeff Epsteined?

Just a thought.

Onward and upward.


No Exit

Text Copyright©2021 Michael Jay Tucker

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