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Alex (the not so great) is in trouble. Again.

So I see that Alex Jones, he of Infowars, is in trouble again. This time he’s called, more or less openly, for violence against President-Elect Biden. Specifically, addressing a horde of Trump supporters, he said that Biden was a “globalist” who would be removed "one way or the other” (1).

No one should be surprised, of course. Jones is the same ambulatory piece of filth who said that the shootings at Sandy Hook were a hoax and that no children actually died there. He also encouraged his followers to torment the parents of those murdered innocents. Some of the poor mothers and fathers have had to go into hiding because of Mr. Jones more demented fans (2). Oh, and as an aside. Mr. Jones owns an armored car (well, technically, I gather it is an armored personnel carrier, but who am I to quibble?) and rides around it at protests while he bellows out insane conspiracy theories.(3)

Caricature of Alex Jones by DonkeyHotey, released under a Creative Commons license,

The point being, this guy is nuts. And if anyone is really surprised that he would start advocating the assassination of elected officials, well, they just haven’t been paying attention. But the real scandal here is *not* that he would (one more time) urge people to take up arms and commit murders but that he isn’t already in jail…or, better, in a hospital for the genuinely deranged.

I mean…really…

This guy peddles chocolate flavored bone broth (4).

If that isn’t evidence of pure insanity, I don’t know what is.


Until next time…

Onward and upward


1. Alex Jones faces calls for arrest after apparent Biden threat, Louise Hall, The Independent, reposted on Yahoo News,

2. This Sandy Hook Father Lives In Hiding Because of Conspiracy Theories Fueled By Alex Jones, Frontline,

3. Alex Jones Cruises Through Streets in InfoWars 'Battle Tank' as Proud Boys Join Him at Virginia Gun Rights Rally, by Khaleda Rahman, Newsweek.

4. Infowars Life - Ultimate Bone Broth (15 Servings, Chocolate) – Bone Broth Protein Powder with Collagen, Turmeric Root, Chaga Mushroom, Bee Pollen & Other Ancient Super-nutrients.

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