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A Whole Lot of Shifting’s Going On…

Hi, Everyone,

So, I’ve got some news. This blog is gonna be a shiftin’ towards new stuff…

Here’s the thing. When I started explosive-cargo, way back several decades ago, it was meant to be comic. Sometimes it would be political. Sometimes it wouldn’t be. But it was never meant to be heavy. Like heavy. Like really heavy.

Because right now we all need more happy kids with giraffes in our lives...

However, when I restarted it a while back, I found that I wasn’t funny any more. I found I was being really political. And you can’t blame me, dang it. It was during the Trump years. And that would politicalize the best of us.

For months now…just over a full year!…I’ve been asking you to wade through my meanderings on Covid and Neo-Fascists and riots and Afghanistan and all sorts of stuff that’s about as much fun as rubbing your teeth on the sidewalk. Followed by a migraine chaser. And a side order of yeast infection.

And, well, okay…I’m still motivated to write about politics, and I think a lot of people are interested in reading about politics…but…

I also have the feeling that people are getting a little tired of politics. And pandemics. And disaster. And all the other stuff that’s just about as cheery as a Swedish movie in black and white with, as its big, boffo main act, a happy game of Full Contact Canasta with the Grim Reaper.

So…I’m trying to go back to writing a bit more light-hearted stuff. In the near future, explosive-cargo will try to be a little less …uh…of a downer. A little less political. A few more chuckles.

Seems the least I can do. Maybe less than the least.


Now, two things. First, I write these columns a long time in advance. I have several already written and, as they say, “in the can.” That means my blog will sport political entries of the old depressing school for some weeks to come. But, have patience, the newer stuff will appear eventually.

Second, as I say, I’m still interested in politics, and writing about political topics. However, increasingly (if not always), I will be shifting my political writings to a new location. I’ve started yet another blog, this one devoted to politics at another location. When you get a moment, check it out. It’s called “Crisis and Cure: Writing Both Political and Personal” and you can see it here:

And by the way, it won’t be just me writing there. I’ll be posting work from other writers. Meaning, if you have texts you’d like to see in (virtual) print, let me know. Maybe we can work out something.

Oh, and here’s something else. Right now, it is mostly politics. But as you can tell from the subtitle, I want to eventually expand it to personal essays, fiction, poetry, art, whatever. So don’t feel obliged to just write about political topics if you want to submit to my new little, literary beast.


Anyway, that’s where we are for the moment.

In other words, stay tuned. As always, we’ve in for enormous changes at the last moment.

But, come on, ‘fess up.

You’d be disappointed if it were otherwise.


Until next time

Onward and upward.


Copyright©2021 Michael Jay Tucker

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