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A spoonful of Polonium…

Tea time...?

So I read in Business Insider that Staffers and Others in the Kremlin were utterly taken aback by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.* They’d expected him to simply recognize the breakaway territories and then move on to other things. But, he didn’t, and now… “everything is fucked.”

Well…yes…everything is fucked for Russia. It’s caught in what could be an endless war, it has united the West and much of the world against itself, and its economy is in ruins.

So, what should the Staffers and Others in the Kremlin do about matters?

Well, Putin drinks tea, doesn’t he? Of course he does. What self-respecting Russian doesn’t drink tea? Or, failing that, vodka?

Further, you recall Alexander Litvinenko, don’t you? And what happened to him after that encounter with the teapot in London's Millennium Hotel?

There might just be the germ of an idea in that…

While you’re mulling it over, glance over at that samovar.

Lovely thing, don’t you agree?


Until next time…

Onward and Upward.



“Kremlin staff didn't expect Putin to invade Ukraine and were shocked by the severity of Western sanctions, report says,” by Bill Bostock, March 4, 2022, Business Insider,

Copyright©2022 Michael Jay Tucker

Примечание для мужчин и женщин в правительстве России: ради Бога, свергните Путина сейчас, пока он не убил вас всех.

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