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A Fall, A Beginning

The Great Fall

Hi, Everybody,

This one is going to be quick, and, perhaps, a little odd. The reason for the quickness is that I’m writing this on Sunday, the day before I’m supposed to post, and I’m sort of out of energy. I’ve had a long couple of days…good, but long and tiring. I just don’t have the time and the mental space to turn out something profound. Or even, just silly. And believe me, good silliness is always harder than tedious profundity.

But, bear with me. There is something coming and (I hope) you’ll find it readable and interesting. I’ll be starting a longer series of posts, this one on something quite personal. You may know that Martha (my wife) took a serious fall back in January. She ended up with a couple of hairline fractures in her pelvis, and the past two and a half months have included things like a wheelchair and a lot of physical therapy.

She’s almost completely recovered now, which is terrific! But these past few weeks have been an education for me in a lot of ways. For one thing, I’ve become a good deal more aware of just how inaccessible the world is for anyone who has even the tiniest disability. It is enough to turn me into a dang activist…and, frankly, in a small way, it has.

But during this period, I have been posting updates on Martha’s recovery to FaceBook. Martha has lots of dear friends, and they were understandably worried about her. To my surprise, these postings became quite popular. While they didn’t exactly draw hundreds of comments or views, each of them did get a goodly number of likes and hearts and comments. And, among the comments, were suggestions that I do something more with the posts—perhaps even make them into a collection of some sort.

It seems like, well, not a bad idea. So, I’m gathering up my original postings, extending them, adding rather a lot of new material, combing out a few typos, and then placing them here as a new series. After that, maybe I’ll make them into a little book or e-book or something. We’ll see.

So stay tuned. Next Monday, we get started. Tune in for episode one of…The Martha Chronicles.

Until then…

Onward and Upward.



Copyright©2022 Michael Jay Tucker

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