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A bit of NOT writing...

Okay, this is going to be another, albeit brief entry in the Martha and Michael Chronicles...

Last time I was talking about how I had gotten Martha a cooking class for Christmas in 2021. We were real excited and we were going to drive to Austin and spend the night and eat well and just have a grand old time.

And then...

And then...

Martha had her fall.

I haven’t written a lot about her fall. I have written about her recovery, but not about her fall. And, you know, I’m not going to write a lot about it today. There’s a reason for that. To wit, I’m still freaked out about it.

You see, I saw her take the fall. I was standing in the doorway when she went down. And...well...for a split second, I thought I’d lost her. If she had gone just a few inches to the left or the right, she’d have gone head first into a brick wall.

But, thank goodness, she didn’t.

Still, memory remains a bit keen on the incident. So, I think I’ll avoid writing about it for a while yet. Maybe someday I’ll go into more detail, but that day is not today. Not by a long shot.

Anyway, she fell. She came home from the hospital needing a wheelchair and basically unable to stand. That meant the cooking class was decidedly out. Though, of course, being Martha, she didn’t want to “spoil things” and was insisting that she could do it. She could cook from the wheel chair, she said.

Finally, after a bit more experience trying to do things in the aforesaid wheelchair, plus some considerable begging from me, she realized that it just wasn’t happening. I canceled the class and she canceled the B&B we’d reserved.

As I recall, that wasn’t a happy day.

Once again, we fast forward. Martha got better and better (see my FREE book on her convalescence, the Martha Chronicles, downloadable here:, and, one day, we realized she was fully recovered. (Whew.)

And then we looked up and know what? We still have credit for a cooking class! So, once more, we sat down at my computer, zipped over to the Sur La Table website (once again, it is here, if you’re interested:, checked the list of classes and ...whoops a doodle, Bob’s Your Uncle, and golly wolly (whatever all that means, I’ve never been sure), we had a new class to attend.

This time, amazingly enough, we actually made it.

But that’s for next time.

More to come.


About the photo: As always, this has nothing to do with the story. It is a photograph I got of Martha in 2015 while we were having lunch at El Pinto’s (, a restaurant we used to frequent in Albuquerque. We miss it. Sigh.


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