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In Sweet New England

Hey, Everyone. So, as I said last time, today I’ll start talking about our summer trip to New England. This one is going to be complicated...with some roller coaster thrills and serious fall (damn)...and some amazing visits to wonderful places.

Ready? Okay, here goes...

We had been planning a trip to New England for ages and Ages and AGES...essentially ever since we moved to Texas. The original plan had been for us to move to Georgetown from New Mexico in 2019, get a bit settled in, and then head back to the Boston-area for a vacation that Autumn, when the trees were gold and the weather was (thank God!) chill.

But, then came Covid, and there weren’t nothing that was chill.

About the photo: Just a little selfie of the two of us in New England. Specifically, this is from our visit to Rockport, about which much more later.

Anyway, the years went past, and finally we were able to travel again. Once again we made plans. This time, we decided, we go in summer to get away from the Texas heat. This was a particularly attractive idea in that the Spring and Summer here have been downright brutal this year. We did the math and it came up to something like 60+ days of triple digit heat, and something like four months of drought.

(By the way, I write this on September 5, 2020, and the weather is a little bit better... but not by much. We finally had rain in the last couple of days, but the heat remains. Today’s high was 92, and it doesn’t look as if we’re going to get below the nineties until next week, if then. Oh, and if you’re wondering, climate change is real. And, I fear, it could get deadly.)

Anyway, we though we thought we decided to travel in mid-August. We’d fly to Rhode Island where we’d stay with our friend Patty Reynolds. Then we would drive up to Amherst, Massachussets, which is where Martha and I met and were married. We hoped to be there to celebrate our anniversary -- our 40th in fact. Our joke is that some countries don’t last that long.

Then, we would drive to the Boston-area. We would start with a brief stay at an AirB&B that Martha had found in Nahant, Massachussets--which is a curious town by the water, one part seaside paradise, one part old city neighborhood, and one part H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich Horror. But more about that later.

Then, we would go to see our friend Linda Beardsley at her home on Revere Beach ...or, more precisely, at Point Of Pines, which is a terrific spot, and I’ve already posted some pictures of Martha and Linda on the aforesaid beach at sunset. More are to come.

Then, we would drive about a bit and see other friends, as well as visit old haunts. This part of the trip, by the way, got complicated. We ran out of time, for one thing. And we had some scheduling difficulties. So, we ended up not seeing a lot of people we wanted to see, we weren’t able to get to Winchester or Arlington, where we’d lived, or Harvard Square, which was kind of our home away from home when we were in the Boston-area.

Finally, it would be back to Rhode Island and Providence, and from there, home to Texas.

That was the plan.

And, mostly it worked.

Only, of course...there was some of it that didn’t.

Thus, all in all, our vacation was a bit like Longfellow’s little girl who, when she was good, was very, very good...

But, when she wasn’t ...

Let’s just say that Lizzie Borden had nothing on her.

More to come.


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