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Trump, MAGA, and Aliens…!

Okay, this one is going to be a little strange, and I’m not sure how really serious I am, but here goes…

I have actually written about this a couple of times before, but I figure we can use a little re-statement. Specifically, I am thinking again about what we can do to get American politics back to some kind of sanity.

And I’ve been thinking about QAnon. You know about this brand of lunacy, of course. It is a conspiracy theory-qua-religion that says that the world is dominated by a Satanic Cabal of pedophilic cannibals. It further posits that Donald Trump and his crew are leading a brave revolt against the aforesaid Cabal and therefore should be accorded a semi-divine status.

It’s ridiculous, obviously, but it is also one of the tragic realities of our lunatic age that it has succeeded. The QAnon Cult…or “Qult” as I’ve heard it called…thrives. It has also provided a warm and comfortable home to all the most violent and least rational of those among Trump’s supporters.

The QAnon mythology is a sad, sick fantasy of absolute evil vs. absolute good. But would it be moral of us not to use that fantasy against genuine evils? Such as Fascism?

Now, there’s been an interesting development in recent months. At least some QAnon Cultists have become concerned about their Orange Duce. Trump has admitted, finally, that he has been vaccinated against Covid, and has urged his followers to be vaccinated as well. That fact has driven some of the more extreme QAnon folks absolutely bats. (See, for example, the following article on the Business Insider webpage, “Fringe factions of MAGA world are imploding after Trump publicly advocated for the COVID-19 vaccine,” by Cheryl Teh, Dec 23, 2021, 9:10 PM,

Now, admittedly, Trump’s supporters are not all QAnon-types. And even if they were, there is evidence that Trump’s stance on vaccines wouldn’t cause them turn on him (see, for example this article in Salon, “Don’t get too excited about MAGA anger at Trump over vaccines — they won't ever ditch him,” by Amanda Marcotte, December 27, 2021 1:37PM,

But…still…even so…

I think it worth our while to encourage this sort of disunity among the MAGA-heads and the QAnon-er set. Every vote counts, and every vote not cast for Trump counts…

I think we should, therefore, do our best to spread this kind of distrust and these kind of ideas throughout the Q-sphere. I think we…or, at least, those of us who have access to a VPN and perhaps the TOR browser and can therefore do so with some degree of anonymity…should post and repost these ideas wherever QAnon-fanatics can be found. That includes social media, like Parler, and video hosting sites, like bitChute and Rumble.

I know that such a course of action presents some moral difficulties. I’ve heard it referred to as “trolling.” And, honestly, if you were to do such a thing, you would be, shall we say, “disingenuous,” that marvelous word that means lying but which sounds so much better. But, I would submit that there is a moral value here. If a small lie can save us from a great tyranny, then it is worth the price.

I am particularly fond of the idea of spreading the myth that Donald Trump, and his more obnoxious minions, have been replaced by clones or robots or whatever, and therefore real Patriots must never vote for them, or for any Republican. The Cabal, you see, abandoned the Democratic Party in 2020, and instead took over the GOP…and, by the way, that isn’t too far from what some QAnon-folks have actually said.

For more of my logic on the subject, check out this piece “Clones, Robots, and Qultists…Oh My!” It ran on my political blog here:

And if, per chance, you should get the urge to post anonymously, and have the ability to do so (VPN, TOR, etc.), and you are looking for something to re-post, maybe you could consider some of the videos that can be found here:

Or, if they’ve been removed from blogspot, you could also find them here:

Or, and this might be best of all, perhaps you could make up something yourself. Perhaps you could craft a little fiction about Gray Aliens and Nordic Aliens, and underground bases, and UFOs, and Donald Trump’s Diabolic Double…

At the very least it will exercise your creativity and maybe provide a giggle.

And at best…

It might convince one person not to vote for a fascist and a fool.


Until next time…

Onward and Upward.


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