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To The Blue Kitchen

As you’ll recall, I’m in the middle of one of my infamous series, this one on our recent trip to Albuquerque to attend the memorial service of Martha’s friend Shirley. We just left the Albuquerque Photographers’ Gallery, where we’d purchased a terrific picture, and we were leaving Old Town.

We still needed supper, and the German hotdogs at the memorial service had been fine, but not filling. So...we decided there was only one place for us that day. Mountain Road is one of the ways into and out of Old Town, as well as the street off which our B&B happened to be. Leave Old Town and go East on Mountain, and you come soon to the “original” Cocina Azul...on 1134 Mountain Road (

This is one of our favorite restaurants in New Mexico, and maybe in the whole world. Among many things, they have a Ribeye Taco that is to die for. They also have a very good Brisket Taco, but it’s the Ribeye that you write home to mother about ...assuming that she’s not a Vegan or otherwise tragically meat impaired.

Once more, Martha on Museum Hill in Santa Fe.

We headed there and parked. A moment later, we had a table and our pleasant waiter was commiserating with us about how dreadfully and unseasonably hot it was. We did not tell him we were from Texas and had known several months of grinding, unforgiving heat and humidity. We just smiled and agreed.

He took our orders -- the Ribeye Tacos, of course, preceded by a large Guacamole and chips. We ate in pleased silence. Then, afterwards, we had Sopaipillas for dessert. Unfamiliar with them? Well, basically, they are kind of fry bread, usually cooked in oil. In some parts of the world, they are served as a kind of biscuit. Where I grew up, and when I grew up, they were made hot and puffy, like a great golden envelope, and came with honey. You bite off one end, pour honey into the delicious, steamy interior...and then you eat. (You can see more about them here:

It is a wonderful way to end a meal.

We finished, paid, and headed for the B&B. We still had to pack, you see. We were leaving very early in the morning.

We got to the B&B. We opened our various bags and put clothes in them. We put our laptops in the book bags. We put on our pjs and took our evening pills.

And then...

We looked at each other.

We asked each other, yet again, what right we had to be happy.

More to come.

This is one of our favorite spots in Albuquerque foothills. It is the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area and has truly exquisite views.


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