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The Purchase

So when I left off we were just walking in the rain (Yes! Rain! Hooray!) from the Albuquerque Museum to the parking lot. We found our car quickly, and headed off toward Old Town Square. I was frankly pessimistic about finding a parking lot -- it is a busy place -- but, to my amazement, we got there and voila! There was a spot. Will wonders never cease? We parked.

We got out and drifted along. We had made a list of the places we were going to hit before we ran out of energy and time. There was a coffee shop (of course)...then an ice cream store...then a couple of jewelry shops.

What we had not thought about doing was visiting the Albuquerque Photographers’ Gallery, because (we thought) it was way on the other side of the Plaza and upstairs to boot. So, we figured we’d skip it. Which was a shame, because we’ve being going to the APG for, like, ever. It’s a co-op, run and managed by the photographers themselves, and it seems to do pretty darn well. If you’re in town, drop by and give it a glance (

But, there we were, strolling along San Felipe Street, figuring we were just about finished for the day, and thinking perhaps of heading back to the car, when we noticed ...the gallery. What the heck? It had moved. The last time we were in Old Town, they were still in their former quarters on the second floor of a building over on Romero. And getting to it would have required a bit of hiking and maybe, given the stairs, a piton or two. I suppose I should never travel without at least 30 feet of rope and Glacier Goggles. But, well, I always seem to forget. Pity.

But here was the street their new location. Wow, we thought. We drifted inside and found that there were several exhibits going on, and two artists were present. The first was Gale Sutton-Barbere ( and, who does some astonishing work, often, but not always, in landscapes. She and I chatted for a time. She had a piece -- “Cypress in the Fog,” ( -- that looked for all the world like something from the wilder coasts of Scotland, just waiting for some Celtic wizard to show up with a Balrog in tow, just to keep their wand in.

Only, it wasn’t. Turned out the photo was not from Scotland, or Wales, or Ireland, but, rather, California. But that’s okay. It was still a great picture. And I understand Balrogs are kind of like St. Bernards. They adapt easily to new circumstances.

The second was Kent Winchester ( and He is a tall, engaging gentleman and we ended up speaking to him for a period of time. Among other things, we talked about his work, and about the Lee Marmon show over at the Museum. The gallery had, in fact, hosted a smaller collection of Marmon’s work the last year we lived in New Mexico.

Martha and I wandered about, looking at the various photos. I pointed out to her, “You do recall we have an anniversary coming up? And I still don’t have a present for you.” She replied, “Why, yes, that’s true, isn’t it?”

And a short time later she made her decision. She had picked a piece of Mr. Winchester’s himself, a striking image of a wooden ladder rising out of (presumably) a kiva...a ritual space used by the Pueblo peoples ( into the clear blue sky.

I produced the necessary plastic and, after a bit of discussion, Mr. Winchester arranged for us to receive it via the mail as an aluminum photo print. (Some weeks later, it duly arrived, and it is on our wall now. I will post a picture of it here.)

The picture...

I then toyed, briefly, with the idea getting a copy of Gale Sutton-Barbere’s piece...that lonely Cypress in the fog was calling to me quietly...but, I figured one purchase was enough for the day. And we had expenses yet to come. But...there’s always the future, and I’ve got the URL for her online shop.

Anyway, we were done, and we exited once more into the street and headed for car, feeling well pleased with our day, with our purchases, and with the world...

Except...also troubled...

With the feeling we shouldn’t feel that way.

More to come.

Nothing to do with the story, but a picture of Martha on the Mesa ...


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