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From Whence The Plague? And What Does It Mean For Us?

Special Note: once more, this is both a blog and v-blog entry. If want to hear me reading it, and see a graphic, click on the image below.

I see in a couple of recent articles that increasingly it is uncertain just where Covid-19’s origins might be, and how it jumped to humans. The story that I first read, and which I gather is the official explanation given by Chinese authorities, was that it was a virus native to bats, and it made the transition to human hosts when the animals were held and sold in an unsanitary market.U

However, there has always been another, slightly more paranoid explanation for the disease. In it, Covid was being examined in a research laboratory, and that it infected one or more of the staff. The paranoia comes with the question of just what the virus was doing in the lab in the first place. Was it simply part of a research project, or, frankly, was it being looked at as a potential weapon?

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Personally, I’m clueless on all of this. I’m a layman, and don’t even remotely understand the evidence and the arguments for the two origin stories. But, even so, maybe I could be forgiven for speculating a bit on what Covid’s spread could teach those who do not love us. That is, if someone were, indeed, looking at us, and considering the use of biological weapons against us, what would they have seen?

Well, for start, they would have seen that if a contagion is spread in the United States by whatever means, there are powerful interests and individuals who are willing to ignore the crisis. For reasons ranging from economics to ideology, these interests are perfectly happy to stand aside and watch it spread. They would deny that it existed (“Covid is a Hoax”, the “Plan-Demic,”); or, they would, in the name of individual liberties (“My Body. My Choice”) oppose even the simplest countermeasures, like masking; or, once effective vaccines had been developed, then they would oppose them for ideological reasons, i.e., anti-vaxx activism.

Thus, a foreign enemy might well conclude that if it wanted to destroy the United States, or at least damage it severely, a full-scale biological attack would be ideal. In the American case, germ warfare would be an effective weapon whose deadliness was actually assisted by its targets. This would be doubly true if, as was the case under the previous Administration, the White House was itself determined to ignore or downplay the reality of the attack (“The cure must not be worse than the disease”).

On the other hand, a foreign enemy would surely also observe that if the Administration in question was genuinely determined to oppose a pandemic, then a biological attack would be far less potent. The Biden Administration, for example, has shown how remarkably effective biological civil defense can be, if it is well organized, properly funded, and forceful.

That being the case, a foreign observer might well conclude that now is not the time to launch a biological attack on the United States. But, waiting a few years, and hoping for a return of Donald Trump to the White House, or the appearance there of another, Trump-like figure, would be well worth the patience.

Of course, this is all just speculation, and probably groundless speculation to boot. I’m no more a military strategist than I am a virologist. Yet, you must confess, there is something interesting in the logic. It may just be fiction, but it is a compelling fiction.

Or to put it another way, if I really were a super criminal, a Putin-esque Bond villain, or a pathological killer in high office…I would be watching the election returns of 2022 and 2024, with great, and murderous, anticipation.


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Onward and Upward.



Copyright©2021 Michael Jay Tucker

Special Note:

Special note: It is not my intention, here, to speculate in any way on the actual origins of Covid-19. I leave that to the virologists and the epidemiologists who actually know what they’re talking about. It is, however, my intent to express my concerns about America’s lack of preparedness for a genuine biological attack in the future.

I’ve placed links to some of my sources below. I have also placed a link to the CDC’s Covid-19 page as well.


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