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"Child": my latest video effort

So here is my latest video effort. It is a bit serious, I’m afraid. In it, I ask questions about death and mortality. Like, for instance, why is it that life seems to require the presence of death? Why is it that the most innocent among us, children, sometimes, well, die? Those sort of things rather suggest that the universe is without a guiding principle, or at least without morality.

I draw no real conclusions here, but I do say that we all of us...or at least most of us...secretly or unconsciously believe that somehow, in some strange fashion, the individual survives death. This is probably false hope at its most insidious, but is it so bad a thing? That is, if it gives us comfort in a complex universe? I suggest that it isn’t really. And, in fact, I propose we might be wise to cultivate this particular myth, even if we don’t actually believe it.


Until next time…

Onward and upward.


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