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QAnon and …God?

I’ve recently seen a couple of interesting articles about how the QAnon conspiracy theory is spreading (or already has spread) among Evangelical Christians.* To give the devil his due (sorry), several Evangelical pastors are doing their level best to stop the madness. They’ve been giving sermons in which they warn their congregations against Q, describing him(?) as a false prophet. Which, heaven knows, he is.



QAnon Is Not A Prophet

I’m all for these pastors and God bless. But, I’m afraid they’ve got an uphill battle on this one. Let’s face it, many Evangelical Christians are three quarters of the way into Q-world at ground zero. They already see Life in terms of Absolute Good and Absolute Evil and populate their universe with titanic superpowers who are not subject to little things like the laws of physics…Lucifer, Demons, the Anti-Christ, God Almighty, Jesus in the role of sword-wielding super-warrior, and a whole host of imps, angels, devils, Satan-worshippers, etc. That’s not to mention themselves, raptured into heaven like Captain Marvel bounding off into the stratosphere with glad cries of Shazam and Amen.

I mean, when you start there, you’re pretty darn close to fruitcake territory as it is. Once you’ve got Damien and the Brimstone Boys under your belt, it is a real easy step to Baby-Eating Lizard People and Giant Jewish Space Lasers.

Which, to me at least, is more than a little scary.


Until next time…

Onward and Upward.



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*Source: “QAnon is spreading amongst evangelicals. These pastors are trying to stop it, Story & Video by John General and Richa Naik, CNN Business, Updated 8:58 AM ET, Sun May 23, 2021,

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