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Once Again...Sweet New England

Hi, Everyone,

So something a little different today. I finally got my New England trip series gathered up into one big piece. I’m self-publishing it as a PDF-book (well, sort of a book) under the title, “Once Again...Sweet New England.” It is now on my Gumroad page here:

And on my webpage, here:

And btw, if you look at them, have a look around the rest of my webpage ( and my Gumroad offerings ( You might find something you’re interested in. Or not. Whatever :-)

So that’s the news for today.

But, stay tuned!

Next time, I’m starting a new series, this one on our recent trip to the town of Wimberlely, Texas.

What’s that? you ask. So glad you want to know, I answer.

Wimbereley is a small town, almost a village, just south of Austin...

...which just happens to be the home of some of the most famous musicians in America.

More to come.

About the pictures: Two today. First, the cover of the PDF book, “Once Again...Sweet New England.”

And then, second, a video I’ve done with Runway ML showing a New England town in the midst of a storm. I’ve tried to make it look like an animated watercolor painting. See what you think.

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