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Okay, I Can’t Help It. I’m A Political Animal.

Hi, Everyone,

Well, first, Happy New Year to all of you! I hope that your 2022 is a blast …and by that I mean the good kind of blast. As in lots of fun. Not explosions.

Second…I need to confess something. Last year, I said that I wanted to do less politics in explosive-cargo. Maybe, even, no politics at all.


I’ve been rethinking that.

I can't help it. I'm a political animal.

A blog is, by definition, a “log” book in which you record your activities, thoughts, and concerns. And, actually, come right down to it, I’m a pretty political guy. I think about politics a lot, I worry about it a lot, and…in my own way…I’m pretty active in politics. So, it was kind of silly of me to try not to write at least some about politics. Silly…and maybe untrue to who I actually am as well.

None of that means that everything you will find here will be political in future. I will still run non-political pieces now and then. (And, if you and if you want just politics, then I suggest you visit my purely political blog over at

But, I just can’t not do politics here. I mean, I love candles, and I love to write about funny things that have happened in my life, and I love all the little stories that make up our private worlds…

However… I also love the political. And so, alas, I’m going to have to write about that here as well.

So, get fixed.

Lots more Trump bashing and viewing-with-alarm to come.

Until then…

Onward and Upward.


Copyright©2022 Michael Jay Tucker

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