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Depth Charges: Colons, Thin Man, And Hope

Alas, my friends, I fear the time has come. Sorry. But, once more we are going to have the lowest form of explosive-cargo…

Depth Charges!


Trump’s sending Federal troops to ABQ? Dude, I grew up there. That’s like sending a SWAT Team to Santa’s Village.

Dude, seriously?


It says something about our times that the best, most heroic, and most thoughtful political statements being made at the moment are coming not from the White House. Rather, they’re presented courtesy of Captain Portland the Absolute Unit, and Athena, the Mystic Naked Yoga Lady.


I had a colonoscopy Friday morning. It wasn’t fun, and yesterday’s prep was disgusting. But…

At least I’ve found something almost, if not quite, as bad as listening to 45’s last State of the Union Address.


I posted that last to Facebook. A friend wrote back that she’d much rather have the colonoscopy than listen to the speech. I agreed. I added that, yes, at least when you have the procedure they sedate you and afterwards you recall zip about the process.

If only we could have all had that done four years ago, and then woken up just in time to vote in November.


Trump says he might not leave the White House if he loses the election. I’m pretty sure he would. To defy the electorate, he’d need the Armed Forces to support him. And, well, there are lots of military personnel (and vets!) who are eager to lend a hand...and a his exit.


Speaking of which…

Even after over 140,000 preventable Covid deaths, and Putin’s bounties on American heads, and …well, so much else…Trump’s voters and GOP senators seem as slavishly devoted to him as ever. I keep wondering what would possibly drive them way.

Maybe nothing. Maybe they’ll be loyal to their dear and glorious commander...

…right up to the moment when he sells them as organ donors and galley slaves to Russian Oligarchs, Saudi Princes, Chinese Autocrats, and mysterious Tall Men from Phantasm, complete with laser cannons and spiked spheres that fly...


Really Scary

If you haven’t the slightest idea what I’m talking about in that last bit, check out Phantasm on IMDB or Wikipedia. Think full portion of Eww Ick with a side of fried Shudders.


So I see that Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-fixer, has been released from prison, thanks at least partly to the ACLU. Apparently, he had been released once, but was returned to his cell after Trump discovered he was writing (yet another) book which would reveal way too much about him.


You know, not since Mein Kampf has prison proved such a stimulus to literature. Only in reverse. With the victim writing, while the despot is free.


Okay, maybe Cohen wasn’t exactly an innocent victim. But Trump did throw him under a bus the minute it was convenient to do so. Which seems to be the usual fate of anyone who works for him.

The White House must be an interesting place, right now. Like being one of a dozen goldfish in a fishtank…with one large piranha…wondering which one of you will be mousse by morning.


But I’m going to try to end on an up note.

You will recall the “Wall Of Moms,” the legion of white, middle-class women who now go into the streets of Portland and protect protestors. Well, I saw the other day that they been joined by a similar group of activist men — Dads, in other words.

I saw, too, that when they joined the women on the march, they brought with them their leaf blowers. There were good reasons for the blowers. You can use them (I learn from the web) to blow tear gas back at whoever shoots it at you.

But the other reason, which I’m making up as I write this, is that there is a great symbolism in it. Nothing says white suburbia like a leaf blower What a wonderful message it sends, then. It says, “Attention Mr. Trump, and the Republican Party at large, you have lost us…you have lost white America. Your days in the White House are numbered.”

And so, soon enough, let us pray, Trump will go…like the dry leaf in Autumn…to be swept away by the winds…

Never to return.


Until next time…

Onward and upward.


In November...

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